Writer. Photographer. Raconteur

Colleen Thompson

Born and raised in sunny South Africa, Colleen Thompson is a writer, photographer, editor, and content developer based between

Halifax, Nova Scotia and Wilmington, North Carolina.

An award winning writer, with over 1,000 bylines, Colleen currently writes, edits, photographs, plans, sources and develops content for several US and Canadian print magazines, digital publications and clients.

She is a 2019 Folio Award recipient for editorial excellence.

Completing a degree in Theatre Arts, she started her career in publishing, working for the politically charged, Tribute Magazine, back in the heady days of apartheid in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Learning from some of the most passionate and influencial journalists and photographers, who risked everything to tell a story, she developed a love of writing. 

She went on to become a features writer for several consumer lifestyle publications, before taking over the reigns as editor and eventually publisher, of the largest selling pop culture publication in South Africa, Top Forty Magazine

Over the span of ten years she interviewed over 150 international bands and musicians from The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi to  Depeche Mode and Coldplay.

She returned to university in 2004 to earn a degree in Environmental Science, enabling her to combine her love of writing, with her love of oceans and coastal landscapes.


All the while sipping wine and completing her wine sommelier qualifications, reaching the level of Cape Wine Master.

In 2006 she relocated to Canada and joined the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, in Nova Scotia. As part of the Coastal Division, she researched and published The Gulf of Maine in Context and The Scotian Shelf in Context, for the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Gulf of Maine Council respectively.

A love of cooking, food and wine always formed a backdrop to much of her life, but found its true place living in Nova Scotia. The wild coastlines, the abundance of wild edibles, and the connection to the sea have all been a source of endless inspiration. In 2014 she returned to writing full time.

Following family and in search of the sun and warm ocean waters she discovered Wilmington, North Carolina. The ancient live oak trees, draped in Spanish moss have taken a permanent hold on her heart. The Port City, with its history and folklore intimately tied to the Cape Fear River, the complex Southern foodways and the familiar smells of her childhood like jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenias, keep her coming back.

She now splits her time between Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and Wilmington, NC, USA.

You can reach Colleen for writing and photographic assignments @ thompson2202@gmail.com

She is not on Facebook or Twitter because life is too short.


© 2018 by Colleen Thompson.